What Questions Matter Most to You?

If you are from Alberta, have lived experience with depression, and are interested in depression research, you may wish to participate in an online survey conducted by Alberta SPOR SUPPORT Unit, Patient Engagement Platform, Alberta Health Services and Canadian Depression Research and Innovation Network. By completing this survey, you will assist in determining the top 25-30 depression research questions to be used for an upcoming workshop. What questions matter most to you?

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Helping at a Cost?

Young man sitting looking upset 

Depression is not only difficult for the person him/herself but also for individuals who are trying to assist and support this person. Oft times, when trying to provide assistance, a person neglects his/her own needs. The question becomes, “How can one give to the other person without forfeiting oneself?” 

On HelpGuide.org, a number of suggestions are provided. All focus on supporting a depressed person while at the same time maintaining one’s own wellness and well-being. The importance of recognizing oneself while giving to another is explained in the following way. “Thinking about your own needs is not an act of selfishness—it’s a necessity. Your emotional strength will allow you to provide the ongoing support your depressed friend or family member needs.” (www.helpguide.org)

Drug-free protocol for treating chronic pain?

painChronic pain is one of the most taxing health problems facing individuals. Although the pain can be problematic in and of itself, it can be accompanied by depression, loss of livelihood and independence and/or addiction to prescription pain killers.

Joan Broderick, senior behavioral scientist and associate director of the Center for Self-Report Science at USC Dornsife’s Center for Economic and Social Research (CESR), suggests an alternative to drug use. Click here to discover what it is.

An Interview with Clay Jonathan – Depression Comix

Clay Jonathan is the creator and artist behind the webcomic Depression Comix. Through his illustrations, he attempts to express some of the feelings, challenges and complexities associated with depression. As he says about the illustration above:

In this comic, the character tries to get help, but is weighed down by depression in a symbolic way. Her mother is unaware of the struggle and tells her that if she was really suffering, she’d pick up that phone and get help. I think a lot of people feel this way. They suffer in ways their friends and family can’t see or understand, but are treated like they aren’t trying. This is really frustrating and demotivates you further. Getting help is not as easy as some think it is.

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