Alberta’s healthcare: How are things going?

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Insurance won’t cover hospital bill in Florida

Imagine that you have been on vacation in Florida. While at the airport, awaiting your flight home to Canada, you suffer a cardiac arrest. You are rushed to a local hospital where you are treated.

Prior to embarking on your holiday, you confirmed that you had the necessary medical insurance. Therefore, when you were receiving medical treatment in the Florida hospital, you believed that all costs incurred would be covered by your medical insurance. Imagine your surprise when, upon submitting the hospital bill of over $600,000, you were told something very different. “‘Oh, we’re not paying “‘

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Short on Time?

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Even if you are scrambling to get everything done on your To-Do List and think you cannot possibly do another thing, please consider taking a few minutes to read this article by David Climenhaga. It will be time well spent.

Did You Miss This Article?

If you have not read Dr. Gabriel Fabreau’s opinion piece found in the June 4, 2022, Calgary Herald, you will want to do so. Among other things, Dr. Fabreau provides an honest view of what it is like in Alberta hospitals. According to him, “After two years of COVID-19, our hospitals have never been worse off.”

Take a few minutes to read this important article. It will be time well spent.

The Cold Hard Facts

What is happening in Alberta?

Healthcare over the Holidays

With the holiday season upon us, the thought of getting the flu, cold or the like is apt to be the furthest thing from your mind.  Nevertheless, if you require healthcare during the holiday season, here is a website that you will want to check out.  Among other things, it will tell you where the closest pharmacy is to get what you need, its location and the hours it is open.