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Getting home from hospital guide & tips – H2H2H

H2H2H means Home to Hospital to Home. It’s a Provincial program meant to help improve the patient journey in “transitions of care”.

Going from home or facility to the hospital and back home, back to your shelter, and/or back to your family doctor is a big journey. Our healthcare system does not always transition us behind the scenes very well.

The “My Next Steps” guide can help patients take up their role as the central and key healthcare team member:

It’s also important to know your family doctor full name (correct spelling) and which clinic/city they are in. Did you know that? I didn’t. That’s if you even have a family doctor.

Hope this health tid bid helps 🙂


Public to Private to Public?

Alberta’s medical laboratories have gone from public, to private, and back to public in less than one year. What has this back and forth action cost Albertans? This and other questions are explored in this CBC report.

Have your say

There is discussion happening surrounding mask mandates in hospitals and other care facilities. Do you think such mandates should be maintained?

Speaking Out

Here is a Twitter thread that expresses what many people are feeling.

Help to Define Patient Safety

What is Patient Safety?

What does “patient safety” mean?

The University Health Network Open Lab team is working closely with the safety team at Healthcare Excellence Canada on their Defining Safety project. The goal of this project is to understand perspectives on the definition and future of patient safety from patients, caregivers, professionals, and leaders across Canada.

As a means of obtaining insights and ideas from Canadians, a ‘thought exchange’ about patient safety has been created. This exchange is a completely anonymous platform that provides space for participants to describe what they think the salient features are that should be included in a definition of patient safety.

If you live in Canada and want to join in the conversation on patient safety, click here.

Patient-Oriented Research Podcasts

If you are interested in Patient-Oriented Research, why not join Beverley Pomeroy and Lisa Ridgeway for SPORCast? This bi-weekly podcast discusses the Standards for Patient-Oriented Research from the west coast of Canada. To listen to previous podcasts and more, including the conversation with Andre Picard, check out the SPORCast podcast page.

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