Getting home from hospital guide & tips – H2H2H

H2H2H means Home to Hospital to Home. It’s a Provincial program meant to help improve the patient journey in “transitions of care”.

Going from home or facility to the hospital and back home, back to your shelter, and/or back to your family doctor is a big journey. Our healthcare system does not always transition us behind the scenes very well.

The “My Next Steps” guide can help patients take up their role as the central and key healthcare team member:

It’s also important to know your family doctor full name (correct spelling) and which clinic/city they are in. Did you know that? I didn’t. That’s if you even have a family doctor.

Hope this health tid bid helps 🙂


One thought on “Getting home from hospital guide & tips – H2H2H

  1. Thanks for this Robyn. I hope that it helps. My transition home from my 2022 bladder cancer surgery was a bumpy one. I had complications post op and was booted out the next day and then a few days later ended up back in the ED with an infection. I think if I’d been given another day to recover in hospital and also a post op antibiotic it would have been a different outcome. There was lack of communication between staff because my doctor went out of town after my surgery and the on call doctor couldn’t be reached.

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