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“Let’s Get Real…”

If you are free on Thursday, October 10th from 10 a.m.-11 a.m. MT, you may wish to attend this free webinar. Based on the description of the session, it is going to be time well spent. Register here.

Join patient partners and thought leaders in an engaging panel discussion on the value of patient and family partnerships. Learn first-hand about what works well for partnering with patients and families, what doesn’t and tips for collaborating on your system transformation and organizational quality improvement initiatives. This webinar features panelists who have a range of collaboration experience, including at organizational, health system and policy maker levels.

Is Patient Engagement Tokenism?

Patient engagement is a term that is commonly used in the healthcare sector. However, what does patient engagement mean? Does patient engagement mean sitting on a committee and doing nothing more than rubber stamping decisions that were made elsewhere? Is patient engagement mere tokenism?  If not, what is patient engagement and how is it promoted, facilitated and supported?

In the article, “Beyond tokenism: How hospitals are getting more out of patient engagement,” Wendy Glauser, Michelle Satsiuk and Debra Bournes explore these and other ideas.