One a Day?

If you have time to read only one Twitter thread today, you might want to choose this one.

An Angel…

Reading this story is a great way to start 2023. Among other things, this “angel” can serve as an inspiration as we begin this new year.

Patient First?

“Patient first” is a term that is often used in the health-care sector. However, are we first and foremost patients? Is that how we see ourselves?

According to Dr. Jordan Asher, he sees his patients differently. To him, he sees them as people first. “[I]n order for you to have a better health status, which includes healthcare, I need to think about you as a human being…We don’t look at people as diabetics; we look at them as people that have a bunch of life issues that happen to have diabetes.” How does this philosophy influence the manner in which Dr. Asher works with his patients? Click here to find out.

Does Time Heal?


It is often said that time heals everything. Whether this be an abrasion on one’s arm, a bout of the flu or the emptiness one can feel upon the passing of a loved one, it matters not. For every ailment that we humans experience, the common “healer” is deemed to be time. However, what if time is not the healer we assume it to be? What if time plays another role instead?

In a blog posting, Dr. Amit Sood discusses this idea. In particular, he explores whether time can heal as well as increase suffering. Click here to read Dr. Sood’s article.