Pts4Chg Fishbowl – Thanks and Themes

On October 17th, Patients 4 Change (Pts4Chg) hosted a Fishbowl event as part of Alberta Health Services’ Patient & Family Centred Care week. The fishbowl format was chosen as it encourages a genuine dialogue and conversation, rather than a panel-like, prepared presentation. Eight individuals volunteered to be fish in the bowl and were the key conversationalists for the event. Members of the audience “jumped” in and out of the bowl to ask questions and make comments. 

Although fishbowls are typically held in person, the Pts4Chg fishbowl was held virtually. Unfortunately, technical problems that started in the morning and continued throughout the day saw our virtual fishbowl experiencing a few unexpected challenges. Nevertheless, despite the “rough waters” that were present, a very lively, open, and honest discussion ensued around the following questions:

1. What does partnering with patients and families look like to you?
2. How do you build rapport and grow relationships in health care that make for effective and equitable partnerships?
3. What are some of the current barriers to partnership? How could these barriers be removed or minimized?

Click here to find out what themes arose from the Pts4Chg fishbowl. (Thanks, Sandi, for helping to create this document.)

Based on the feedback received, the Pts4Chg fishbowl was a very successful and worthwhile event. This, however, would not have been possible without an active audience, and our amazing school of fish – Debbie, Mike, Aaron, Sandi, Philip, Terry, Jane and Kristina. Thanks so much!

Richard and Tracy

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