“Patient Included”…or Not

It is becoming more common for patients to be invited to medical-related conferences. However, in an open letter to “Patients Included” conferences, Carolyn Thomas points out why many of these invitations are problematic.

Dear medical conference organizers,

Thank you so much for inviting me to participate in your conference later this year. It is a real honour to be asked to help represent the patient voice at your prestigious event. I know that inviting patients alongside your impressive international roster of well-respected physicians is new to you. So congratulations on embracing the increasingly important “Patients Included” movement sweeping through medical conferences.

But as I once wrote to patient blogger (and conference speaker) Carly Medosch:

“I can no longer afford to be ‘honoured’ by any more medical conference invitations.”

Allow me to explain:

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2 thoughts on ““Patient Included”…or Not

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