Indigenous Health Conference

If you are going to be in Toronto in the latter part of May, here is an event you might want to check out.

Indigenous Health Conference: Towards Health and Reconciliation
May 26-27. 2016
Toronto, Ontario

Topics include: Health disparities, disease among Indigenous peoples in Canada, cultural competencies, safety working with Indigenous peoples, and strategies towards reconciliation and health equity.

Speaking at the conference will be:
Dr Evan Adams, Dr. Cindy Blackstock, Regional Chief Isadore Day, Dr. Karen Hill, Dr. Malcolm King, Dr. Barry Lavallee, Chief Wilton Littlechild, Gary Lipinski, Dr. James Makokis, Dr. Faisal Moola with Dr. David Suzuki, Dr. Ian Mosby, Dr. Earl Nowgesic, Natan Obed, Dr. Kent Saylor and Dr. Tom Wong.

Click here for more information and to register online.

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