Lessons from Day Camp -COVID-19

In this Twitter thread, a mother shares the lessons she learned when her daughters went to day camp in our COVID-19 reality.

“So our girls spent a week at day camp. It was our first foray into the girls being away from us and in contact with other children outside their bubble since the pandemic started. We put into practice all that we had taught and prepped for. Here is what happened.”

Keeping Senior Safe – Webinar

Voluntary Recall

Do you use Buckley’s syrup products for colds and coughs? If so, Health Canada is advising all Canadians that GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Consumer Healthcare Inc. has initiated a voluntary recall of certain Buckley’s products. According to the advisory, the plastic seal on the top of the bottle can come detached and fall into the bottle. (See pictures below.) This, in turn, can present a chocking hazard if swallowed. To read the complete recall, including a list of affected products, click here.

Vandalism with peanut-butter

Imagine taking your child to the park to play on the swings, slides and other equipment found there. Upon your arrival, you discover that something has been smeared on all of the equipment. On closer inspection, you realize that the smeared, messy substance is peanut butter. For some individuals, this would be an annoyance and somewhat upsetting. However, for others, it could be life threatening to them and/or their children. Unfortunately, this is not a fictitious event but is what occurred at some parks in Toronto, Canada. Click here to read the story found in the Toronto Star.

Dietary Supplements-Adverse Events And Emergency Room Visits

Dietary supplements are often promoted as natural and safe. However, this is not necessarily the case.

Lamar Odom’s recent brush with death has drawn the nation’s attention to dietary supplements. The former basketball player suffered an ischemic stroke and cardiac arrest induced by cocaine and two herbal male enhancement supplements, Reload and Libimax Plus. He purchased these supplements from the brothel where he was found unconscious. What Lamar and most people don’t know is that Reload contains sildenafil also known as Viagra. And Libimax Plus contains the drug tadalafil, the same ingredient in Cialis, another prescription drug for erectile dysfunction. Dietary supplements are regulated and monitored by the FDA differently from prescription medicines. The labeling information of supplements is not strictly enforced. Information may not necessarily include all ingredients and at times, the supplements may contain less or more substances than what the labeling indicates.

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