Does morphine make chronic nerve pain worse?

When a person takes a painkiller, the assumption is that the pain will decrease in intensity. This is particularly true when the medicine taken is morphine. However, a recent study indicates that morphine may actually make chronic nerve pain worse. Why might this be the case? According to Dr. Peter Grace, an Australian neuroscientist at the University of Colorado and co-author of the study, “It seems morphine works quite well initially, but as the immune system ramps up, this starts to oppose the pain-relieving properties of morphine and morphine starts to induce pain in its own right.” Click here to read more.

Primary Health Care in Canada – Indicator Results

Released in April 2016, this free CIHI document may be of interest to you. “Based on the 2012 Pan-Canadian Primary Health Care Indicator Update Report, this chartbook profiles the results from a selected group of primary health care (PHC) indicators, using a range of data sources, with the aim of providing an integrated view of PHC information in Canada.” Download the document here