“This is the saddest photo I have ever taken.”

According to Ashley Bartyik, she had recently taken her saddest picture. This picture shows her grandparents, Wolfram and Anita Gottschalk, sitting together crying. The reason for their sadness is because after living together for 62 years, they are being forced to live apart.

Whenever they get a chance to visit one another, both burst into tears.

“I just want to see them together…They’re a pillar of strength in our family.”

Wolf, 83, and Anita, 81, are in separate care facilities in Surrey, B.C., and even though the regional health authority says it’s working to reunite the couple, their families fear time is running out.

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As a Senior, Do You Want to Live Alone?

For many individuals, living alone is their preference.  However, while such a living arrangement can be easy to do when one is young, this may not be the case as one ages. As Jacki Andre points out in her recent article, there are many factors that must be taken into consideration if one wants to live alone as a senior. These include such things as undertaking home renovations and adaptations to accommodate mobility issues and establishing living arrangements that meet one’s desire to be independent but at the same time ensure personal safety and security. Just as Andre asks herself the following questions:  “What kind of options would allow me to live alone as a senior? What sort of things should I be thinking about now, to transition from middle-aged employee to retirement living to senior citizen?” we may wish to do the same.  Click here to read Andre’s article.