What is Sepsis?

If you have no idea what sepsis is, you are not alone. However, with doctors being encouraged to pay more attention to the possibility of this life-threatening condition occurring, you are apt to hear more about it. In fact, in a recent “The Current” on CBCListen, host Anna Maria Tremonti discussed sepsis in a segment entitled “Why time is of the essence in treating sepsis — a growing killer in Canada.” 

If you have not listened to the program, you may wish to do so. Thanks to Nadine, a member of our Pts4Chg community, for bringing this program to our attention.

One thought on “What is Sepsis?

  1. Thanks Nadine for bringing this to our attention. Having listened to the recording, I`m absolutely blown away by what I learned – the high importance of early symptom recognition; that there are indeed classic symptoms; the high mortality rate of not discovering and treating early; and the serious long-term effects of sepsis for survivors. A recording well worth listening to. Again, thanks Nadine!!

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