Is that a Want or a Need?

Oft times there is a clear difference between wants and needs.  However, this distinction can be far less clear in some situations – such as in healthcare.  According to Brian W. Rotenberg, “Doctors need to start openly and directly considering the concept of medical necessity when talking with patients about tests or procedures. Patients, in turn, need to keep in mind that their healthcare is not “free,” and that many of their health-related complaints likely represent wants, rather than needs.”  Read the full article here.

Family Presence Campaign Underway

The Family Presence Campaign officially began on January 7th, which saw a patient/family advisor, founder of this initiative, meeting with individuals in Edmonton. Below are three tweets that highlight some aspects of launch day.

Family Presence

The Family Presence Initiative, a project associated with ChangeDay AB. is ahead of schedule.  If all goes as planned, the official launch date will be in early January 2016.  In addition to having an online presence, an individual involved with this initiative, will be holding coffee meetings throughout Alberta. Click here to view the online campaign.

Family Presence _Dec2015v1