Feed the Elephant

In an earlier post, readers were invited to share any ideas they had concerning potential topics for the upcoming 2017 Quality Summit. Karla W. was one person who accepted this open invitation. Below is what she wrote.

“Over the past several years of [my] experience as a patient representative/advisor, the issue of remuneration for time spent as a “volunteer” has surfaced [during] discussions at the tables. Nationally, and provincially, it varies greatly (from zero – up) how organizations acknowledge patient advisors, as well [as how] different people on the same committees are acknowledged differently. I would like to encourage a discussion on this topic.”

Why not be like Karla and “feed” the elephant?

Have Your Say – Volunteers and Honorariums?

Recently, some interesting discussion has arisen concerning a particular topic – volunteers and compensation. More specifically, should volunteers receive honorariums? What are your thoughts on this issue?

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  • Any additional thoughts you may have on this issue are welcome.