Alberta Health Services – An Exciting Initiative

On Thursday, September 28th, Dr. Verna Yiu, Alberta Health Service (AHS) president and CEO, announced that the AHS board had approved a deal that will see the implementation of an advanced clinical information system throughout Alberta. This information system will serve as an information hub for all of AHS’s clinical care areas, which include hospitals, ambulatory clinics and continuing care centres. Currently, there are approximately, 1,300 information systems being used, all of which will be consolidated by this one system. Click here to read more about this initiative and what it will mean to patients, providers and healthcare as a whole.

Alberta – Getting Connected

An electronic health record system is being planned for Alberta. This will connect Alberta’s 97 hospitals, its primary care networks of family physicians, and the province’s Netcare system together. In addition to cost-saving benefits,  a single  health information system will  allow medical specialists and emergency rooms to determine important information, including what medications an individual is taking and what diagnostic tests have already been done.  Albertans themselves will also be able to log in and view their health information.  As one member of Pts4Chg wrote, “Linking Healthcare with Primary care with patient! Feeling in the loop.”

Although this initiative will cost hundreds of millions of dollars, according to Carl Amrhein, deputy health minister, “I’d say it’s critical.”  Click here to read the full report.