Anonymous liver donor revealed

Twin girls, Bihn and Phuoc, suffered from a genetic disorder that made liver transplant the only option. After one of the girls received a liver from her father, Michael Wagner, their mother, Joanne, started a campaign to find a liver donor for their other daughter. 

Upon hearing of this situation and recognizing that like himself, Michael was in the military, Kris Chung, a 19-year-old student at Kingston’s Royal Military College, knew what he needed to do. “Most people know what’s the right thing to do, deep down inside…It was something I had to do.”

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A Special Heart

In 2012, Lisa Swanson’s son, Levi Schulz, was killed in a car accident. His heart was donated to Terry Hooper. Imagine hearing your dead son’s heart in another person’s chest. This is exactly what Lisa did. Click here to watch the video of Lisa and Terry meeting for the first time.