Will Any Patient Advisor Do?


In her blog post, Alies Maybee explores whether patient advisors are interchangeable entities – not unlike a cog in a wheel. Can patient advisors move from role to role and be seamlessly substituted for one another? Are patient advisors swappable? A portion of what she quickly discovers is found below.

As I’ve come to know some of my fellow advisors, I have concluded that in terms of skills, attributes and experience related to the business of advising, we are not all the same.

As advisors, we sometimes assess our involvement and our experience of a group differently. I venture to suggest this is in part because we are different types of advisors. Sometimes it’s like we weren’t all at the same party.

Our healthcare partners don’t often see our experience of involvement in the same way we do. Not only that, I sense they may make an assumption that all advisors experience the involvement in the same way.

My hope is that understanding the different types of advisors will bring a new level of clarity to how we choose to interact and assess those interactions.

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