Family Presence Update – August 8, 2016

tips graphic-fpDesign by Nicole F – CFHI July 2016

A few patients and family members across Canada have banded together to create some resources for the public to further the concept that families are not visitors in our hospitals. There is a gap in Canadian information about this for the public. To address this, we have started by creating materials to support public to understand or begin working on Better Together initiatives. This was done in collaboration with Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement – CFHI. CFHI presented these materials at the Institute for Patient and Family Centred Care’s 7th International Conference July 25, 2016 in New York City. Very good initial support was received for the concept, content and design. Further collaborative work is required to pilot this, refine and especially, to ensure that it is made more accessible to all audiences (visual/hearing impaired/plain English/translations etc). Ideally evaluations of family presence/Better Together initiatives would include feedback on the utility/messages of these materials as well. Please circulate as you may decide best.

The audiences for the two documents are as follows:

  • “Tips” For the public, at the place where people receive their healthcare service (hospital bedside, doctors’ office, emergency care, etc.)
  • “Conversations” Quick guidance for those of us advocating with and supporting healthcare providers about what family presence practices and polices entail. (Patient/Family/Advisors/Citizens)


Troy Stooke
(Imagine Citizens Collaborating for Health volunteer and Pts4Chg community member)