I am a Family Member or Friend

Family is whomever the patient chooses to have close to them to provide care and comfort during their healthcare experience. You may be a

  • Spouse or partner
  • Gay/lesbian/transgender partner
  • Parent or grandparent
  • Friend
  • Sibling, or other close family
  • Privately paid caregiver

I Pledge to:

  • Introduce myself to healthcare workers.
  • Use the whiteboard to help communicate with healthcare workers.
  • Smile and be friendly and considerate to others – patients, healthcare workers and visitors.
  • Remember that this may be the worst day of our life, but it is a routine day for healthcare staff.
  • Carry a current copy of my loved one’s medication’s list.
  • Take a break for my own self-care.
  • Ask for help when needed
  • Ask how I can safely help support my loved one’s care.
  • Help support my loved one’s care.
  • Ask to participate in meetings about my loved one’s care.
  • Stay with my loved one while they die, if that is their desire.

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