Elephant in the Room?

If you only have time to read only one article today and/or watch one video, you may wish to make it this one. Thanks, Peter, for bringing this topic to our attention. As you correctly noted, it is “profoundly eye-opening, unsettling, yet so important.” This “elephant” is definitely worth talking about.

Outgrowing Childhood Trauma?

[Nadine Burke Harris] believes that regarding childhood trauma as a medical issue helps her to treat more effectively the symptoms of patients. Moreover, she believes, this approach, when applied to a large population, might help alleviate the broader dysfunction that plagues poor neighborhoods. — The New Yorker

According to Nadine Burke Harris, childhood trauma is not something a one gets over or grows out of. Instead, its effect can last a lifetime and cause health issues including heart disease and lung cancer. Click here to watch Burke Harris’ TEDMED presentation, “How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime.”