Autism and Workplace Success

L AutismFor an individual with autism, finding and holding a job can be very difficult. However, according to a research project conducted by Lois Rosenwald, Renee DePastino and Patrick Iben, steps can be taken to make the workplace more supportive and conducive to a person with autism. To find out about the study’s findings and recommendations, read the article, “How can we help young adults with autism thrive in the workplace?”.

Card games can help in stroke recovery

If you are looking for an activity to do with someone who has recently suffered a stroke, you may wish to get out a deck of playing cards. In a recent study, researchers found that activities such as playing cards or tossing a ball into a garbage were as effective for regaining coordination as playing virtual reality games. According to lead author Dr. Gustavo Saposnik, “We all like technology and have the tendency to think that new technology is better than old-fashioned strategies, but sometimes that’s not the case….In this study, we found that simple recreational activities that can be implemented anywhere may be as effective as technology.”

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