The Words We Use

words_can_hurt_or_heal1As children, many of us learn that there are words which, for a variety of reasons, should be avoided.  Not only can the use of these “taboo” words result in a terse scolding, but one might also find oneself with a mouth full of bubbles, thanks to a bar of soap. Unfortunately, some words or phrases are commonly used without a person recognizing that they are equally as offensive and/or hurtful as those seen as taboo.

In a recent blog post, JR Thorpe identifies nine mental illness phrases that should not be used.  According to Thorpe, “There are generally two reasons for eliminating mental illness terms from your common everyday vocabulary. One is that they’re plain offensive; the other is that using them in an inaccurate way spreads misinformation and creates misconceptions about a condition’s seriousness.”  Click here to read Thorpe’s article and discover how many of the words/phrases noted are part of your vocabulary.

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